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February 2013



Nemetschek BU Engineering

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Welcome to the February 2013 issue of the Nemetschek Scia News.

We are proud to announce that the new website - - is available in 8 languages, go check it out! And we also want to invite all customers to register and participate in the Nemetschek Structural User Contest 2013 today!

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Planning for Design & Construction

Most of us are struggling with planning work; offices, factories and on site contractors use tools such as MS Project to figure out tasks, milestones, critical path, etc.

For the needs of the construction industry Scia has developed a new application "Scia Master Scheduler" that links visually the construction model with the planning process.

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New release: Solibri Model Checker v8, improved ease-of-use for QA/QC in Open BIM

Fast forward – but keep it easy.
With the introduction of Solibri Model Checker version 8, Solibri solves the challenge by introducing step-by-step QA/QC process support. It enables the AEC community, for the first time, to perform repeatable QA/QC and BIM analysis tasks with unsurpassed ease, and to implement a BIM Quality Assurance process, guided by clear and concise instructions taking BIM QA/QC accuracy, easiness and effectiveness to a new level.

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Use of layers in Scia Engineer

Scia Engineer supports the definition of layers within any model. The division of entities into a layer per floor is often used. By (de)activating certain layers, parts of the structure are visible and others are hidden. This allows for example better view of results or properties of specific members. Important to know is that a layer is assigned as a property to all 1D and 2D members in the model. If you do not assign a specific layer, the default one is used.

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