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March 2013



Nemetschek BU Engineering

Dear reader,

Welcome to the March 2013 issue of the Nemetschek Scia News.

In this newsletter we have three major topics. We also want to inform you that at the end of this month our User Contest will be closed. We already have many interesting projects from 17 different countries! If you are not registered yet, don't hesitate and click here!


Expressing the company vision

Scia being a 39 year young company, its management is often asked: “what is your future direction?”. Being a leader in technical software for construction, our answer is expressed using a few keywords.

The Scia core business concerns software for structural modeling, which is a process of digitizing all design and fabrication activities to obtain safety, serviceability, performance and productivity.

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A brand new tool for concrete section design and checking

Many voices in the construction industry today seem mostly preoccupied with evolutions like (Open) BIM, advanced analysis types or complex new building codes. However, the daily practice of engineers still often consists of “simply” designing reinforced concrete sections to optimally withstand the applied forces.

In many regions, be it for buildings or bridges, the concrete designer has the culture to input a cross-section, existing internal forces (received from structural analysis software like Scia Engineer) and reinforcement (based on experience) and then perform several ULS and SLS checks to find the optimal reinforcement.

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Progress registration in Scia Steel

Progress registration on resources in production is provided in Scia Steel via the employee registration tool. The progress is entered in the program for positions, assemblies and stock pieces on the specified employee and resource. The amount produced with optional required real times can be entered on a level which can be decided freely for each activity.

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