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Nemetschek Scia News
May 2013



Nemetschek BU Engineering

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Welcome to the next edition of the Nemetschek Scia News. We present you 3 articles about Scia Design Forms, Internal shipments or mutations in Scia Steel and Using wizards in Allplan.

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New: Scia Design Forms!

Open software for every-day engineering design work.​

Scia is releasing a new software that enables users to write their own design formulas in forms; these forms are used standalone or linked with Scia Engineer; sample forms are available to help the user to set up their own formulae...

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Internal shipments or mutations in Scia Steel

In Scia Steel 2012, internal shipments or mutation functionality has been added as new functionality. The main purpose of this functionality is to register all movements (internal shipments) of items available in Scia Steel between different locations. As a result the exact location of the items at a specific moment in time, or an overview of mutations made for a specific item can be visualized in Scia Steel 2012.

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Using wizards in Allplan

In Allplan 2013 and 2013-1, the use of wizards is simplified and accelerated. Both default and personalized wizards can be used to standardize 2D elements, 3D elements or associative views. With Allplan 2013, new default wizards are delivered. Some of these include 2D elements such as lines, dimension lines, patterns and hatchings...

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