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June 2014



Nemetschek BU Engineering

Introducing better communication with clients

This month Scia is launching its Customer Portal, a web-based tool for a personalized information flow between Scia and its clients under maintenance.

This one portal offers a simplified and structured communication flow and provides immediate access to your individual (or company) support tickets, to trainings, events, webinars, downloads and much more.

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Allplan 2014


Scia Steel Manager & Brafer


Breakthrough Innovation: launch of Scia Engineer 14 with Open Design technology.

After introducing Scia Design Forms last year as a new scripting tool, specifically created for structural engineers, Scia Engineer 14 now brings the full power of this technology by integrating it like a native code check via “Open Design Checks”.

Regardless whether an engineer needs a design code from a currently unsupported country, or somebody wants to include design checks found in literature for specific objects or elements, it is now easy to simply write the check and integrate it fully into Scia Engineer.

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Scia Engineer: Table Results

Table Results is a new functionality that allows the user to view results in tabulated form including FEM results for nodes, 1D and 2D members, code-checks etc.

Similarly to Table Input of Scia Engineer, Table Results can be opened via the Toolbars menu.

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Allplan Tips & Tricks


Winner Nemetschek Structural User Contest 2013 Grontmij


Scia Engineer applied to a project of a suspended bridge deconstruction by French structure engineering office Ginger CEBTP

A new bridge was built in 2011 in Terenez (Brittany) over the Adler River to replace the old one. Local administration decided that the old suspension bridge closed to traffic should be disassembled.

For this project, Ginger CEBTP Demolition has commissioned the Structures and Pathology branch of Ginger CEBTP in Aix en Provence to evaluate the work in different disassembly stages.

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Software Updates

Customers can download the latest service packs from our secured download section.

  • Scia Engineer 14.0.101
  • Scia Design Forms 5.1
  • Scia Concrete Section 2.0

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